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I love this app but I’m afraid I’m addicted to it. I spend way too much time on here. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Great App

Love this app ! My only problem is I wish you had more items and more designs templates other then that this is awesome for creative minds

It’s a cool app but…..

I will agree it’s the best one I have seen yet but it has some problems that is really affecting the app 1. There needs to be more angles that we can play with so that we can design more easily 2. For me all the furniture isn’t loading and is really buggy and is freezing once a while 3. The last one is that when you change to another angle it isn’t rendered well I really hope that you will see this and you will change these problems and I really hope I get a response and I hope you keep working on this app to make it better

So addicting! Love this game!

By far the best home design app. I have experienced! It has so many different pieces to pick from. Different backgrounds etc...New things added almost daily! I quit playing all the other design games that was so costly when I found this app! It’s totally addicting I absolutely love this app! Highly recommend!

So fun

This is one of the best designing and decorating apps that I’ve found and I think I have looked at almost all of them it’s well organized and easy to use the only bad thing about it is trying to put in down Thank you

Great design game

Love the design game

Can’t contain the excitement

I NEVER write reviews for ANYTHING. I have been raving about this app ever since I stumbled upon it several days ago. I was itching for something to “play” as far as interior design goes (it’s my absolute obsession and dream). Just like others have said, there are other design games but cost money and MAKE you put things in certain areas. This game truly gives you freedom. I love that I can look at my “works of art” and know that I designed each and every aspect of it with the exception of the 4 walls and some small details (which are usually easily covered except they incorporate such beautiful details you wouldn’t want to anyway). There are endless options and OMG I just found the option to put your OWN elements into it as well. I am so thankful I found this because it’s truly a hobby of mine. Although I’ve been staying up way too late messing with it, it is amazing. I’m very disappointed in the people who have given this less than great scores. They’re either not very technically savvy, or pompous. Just saying!

Absolute best design app

Love this app! Have been doing design games forever and got tired of playing challenges or answering surveys to get points to buy furniture... there’s no tricks for this one! Of course there are a few things that need to be tweaked, like the ability to paint walls or the option to toggle small objects, but this allows the most creative and freedom out of all the design apps on the iPhone. Can’t wait till it gets more popular & more updates!

Great App!

This app deserves 5 stars. Not only did I find a game that I like, I feel like I’m not wasting my time because at the same time I’m playing I’m getting ideas on how to arrange/decorate my new room. It has a variety of furniture & decor to choose from. The possibilities are endless. Only thing I’d ask is for more options on the backgrounds. For example different color walls on the bedrooms & different scenery’s too. Other than that it’s perfect 👍🏼

Confused intelligent person

I consider myself to be an intelligent person, not because I am a braggart but because many people have told me as much. I am pretty tech savvy and am completely self-taught. Some even come to me for tech support. I noted all this babble to say that I absolutely could not figure this app out. How to add a rug to a room, how to add ANYTHING to a room. I was so excited to try this app because it appeared to be a legitimate free app and it looked like I could while away the hours while my hubs was at work in the evenings. Sadly, I will have to keep playing the other app until I can find something more user friendly. Not sure what I am missing with all the five star ratings. Like I said, I’m not stupid.


I like to design houses and all these other games make you pay or have to ply some game for it but this one YOU JUST DRSIGN! It’s so much fun... I love it

Amazing Design App

I can’t put this app down it’s the designing app!

I like it but some issues

I’m probably the only one who has this issue because I’m a beginner but I can’t rotate items for some reason. I have read it but I still don’t understand how the two finger rotating thing works..I need help!

Good but glitchy

So far the app is good. Enjoying making rooms and using my imagination. I am finding that the app is glitching out and won’t load sections of each space for decorating. Maybe that is just because of what I assume is a high usage rate at the moment. This won’t stop me from using the app though.

Best one out there!

I love the fact that there are so many options to choose from and I’ve noticed that almost every three days or so there are new furnishing added to the collections so you end up with even more endless options. There are a couple things I wish that could be fixed though. When trying to be selective of the color of the furniture the color slider to choose your color isn’t very exact. It doesn’t have options like “red” but “rust red” and when you aren’t selective of this filter after swiping down for a long time you are able to find truly red furnishings. Also the scaling of small objects, I sometimes work a big room and I’d like to put stuff on shelves in the very back wall but the size of these accessories can’t go further and end up being too big. Maybe if you added a toggle slider to adjust the size to the smallest it can get. I wish you would be able to paint walls too. Or add a specific wall paper or texture. And lastly, I think it’s best to make sure that all the furnishings have all the angles so one can use them without being stuck with just 2-3 angles that might not work for our design. Above anything else I adore this app and would never stop using it if new spaces are added every once in a while.


I just loaded this app and started to design a room. While trying to decorate the room the items took forever to load.

It’s a great app, but....

I really enjoy using this app, however there are a few problems. The first one is almost every picture is sideways so it appears sideways in your room and you can not rotate it. The second problem is most white items with a white background appear messed up when you place them.

Amazing game

If you are deciding between games, choose this one! It is so fun decorating rooms. It’s pretty easy, too.


Amazing!!! I love this app soooo much!!!

Absolutely love this app. Where have you been all this time?!?!

Great app for those of us love designing or those that need help with their home designs.

Love it and can’t get enough!

Best game in my whole world

I love this I can't live without it that wonderful this app is I hope you guys love this app just like I do 😍🔥🔥


Love it 😍 amazing app ❤️😍💕

Love this app

Best app ever❤️❤️

Would really love this IF....

1. Items offered for design were cleaner and easier to manipulate. I cut stock for digital art for a “living,” so I know what it takes to make a decent png. Items on here tend to be extremely over or extremely under cut. The tools for editing are difficult to navigate. In addition, tools such as changing the perspective are remedial, at best. 2. Many items never show up in search selections. I get blank boxes staring back at me no matter how long I wait. 3. Search function is very limited and somewhat confusing. Many items catalogued incorrectly. 4. More frequent contests would be great! I really think this could be one of the best decorating apps available if developers would consider spending a little more time organizing items, implementing useful tools, and employing good stock artists.

My rusted home


At Last!

I am an interior designer that is in love with all sorts of home decor and furniture. You name it, rustic, eclectic, industrial, traditional, modern, and so much more! I used to have Home Design, where you had to pay ridiculous amounts for one piece of decor or furniture, well, no, I’m not happy with that. So I deleted it and just stopped looking for another app. Then I found DecorMatters!! I honestly have found the Golden App when it comes to decor games! It’s stress-free and there’s nothing to pay for, it’s all free, and literally the only thing to compete for is the contests, which are your choice, do it or don’t. Thank you, DecorMatters.


I love this app so much and if you have any questions about it you can just go to the conversations and ask a person who works for the app they are so helpful and patient with you again I love this app and I hope whoever is reading this that you get this app😍

Amazing for interior designers

This app is amazing and really helps us as interior designers put our portfolios together for our potential clients to be! Hands down the best app I could have ever downloaded. 5-stars across the board!

The worst app ever

This app is so boring and confusing


If you love interior design... this app is fun and addicting.

Love it

I love this app! I get to compete in design competitions and try to have the best design. I think this app is a lot of fun because I learn how to make my design better by looking at others design. Definitely get this great app! You won’t regret it!

I love this app!

I really do love this app! I enjoy decorating and have helped numerous friends and family redo rooms in their homes. So this app is the cats meow!! I would suggest a few things. A way to make items turn certain ways, so they are able to be put on different shaped walls and add rugs that can change their shape. A way to put objects behind other objects without having to remove the first object. The button on the app doesn’t always work. White items sometimes don’t show and some items show white bottoms, this is an issue. Finally, the furniture and other items take forever to load, sometimes not loading at all and when you tap add, they don’t always add. Thank you for the opportunity to decorate and use your fun app.

Caution Addictive

This app is so easy to use! My family is thinking of getting a lake house and I wanted to try and design a future bedroom for myself and it was so much fun! I love how you can go back and alter your original design. But sometimes some things take a while to load and it was a bit confusing and frustrating at first but once you figure things out it is so much fun and I am now addicted


AWESOME APP! I love designing and using this app to design is super easy! You have access to all the furniture and you can even buy the furniture right off the app! There’s only some minor problems like some of the furniture is see through is some areas but nothing much. This app is definitely the best thing that’s ever happened to me

What fun!

This design tool is much more sophisticated than the one I was using. Many choices of items, all sorts of styles and templates. Lots of visual editing capabilities. I’m still learning the ins and outs and enjoying every minute.

This is my very first REVIEW on anything....

Enough said, I can’t find one negative thing about this app, other then I’m loosing sleep.


Furniture is too expensive

Much praise and gratitude!

This app is such a blessing for interior designers that create renderings. Photoshop and SketchUp can be time consuming to conceptualize designs and this app makes it so easy! You can upload your own rooms, quickly get your ideas into your design and you have your entire source list and prices to reference when you finish. It’s brilliant! Then creating the actual rendering in photoshop or SketchUp is a breeze. I was playing a home design game and getting so frustrated with the lack of creativity, furniture and having to spend real money for it to look in the end like grandma’s cartoony Walmart inspired 80’s nightmare. I was to the point where I was going to create my own app because 95% of comments on Facebook were complaints about the same issues I had. I searched the App Store for every home design game and came across this and it answered EVERY need! This is an actual community where you can support other users because it has a feed. The furniture and rooms are gorgeous and it’s completely free to design as much as you want! You have a page where your designs are displayed that you can actually be proud of. I think people are more interested in being creative in design “games” but the contest feature of this app is great too! You can tell the developers love interior design and aren’t just manufacturing toilet paper out of other people’s money. I’m so grateful I came across this app and hope that the users of the other Home design “game” find it too. Amazing work inspiring people to develop their creativity and talent! A couple suggestions...the whites on many pictures and fabrics are completely transparent and the shadows are left in some items. Yes, you can find the piece you are looking for online, remove the background and upload it yourself but that is time consuming and defeats the purpose. I would guess the way that items are edited may be automated and a real person isn’t manually removing backgrounds. Maybe hire someone who’s in charge of making sure the items are all usable. You would then have perfection in this app! Also, adding world market, Anthropologie and restoration hardware would be amazing!

Merlins Beard! Almost as fin as Wizards Chess!

A lot of fun. slow but welcoming and friendly and I really liked how flexible it is!🐨

Love It!

I love this app, it is so much fun to create and design different home spaces, and other places. It is incredibly amazing! My only problems are that I wish there were more challenges, and I wish we can enter a challenge more than once, instead of just one time, because it would be fun to try different designs with the same space. I as well also want more design spaces. Another problem I have is that sometimes the furniture does not fully load, and it’s annoying to have to exist and open the app again, I hope this bug could be fixed. Overall, I absolutely love this app!

Love ❤️❤️

I absolutely love this app! Buying items or running out of money aren’t concerns in this app as in others I’ve played before. I feel like they had me in mind when they created it. 😁


The only reason that I gave this four stars is because it has nothing about kitchens. I’m trying design my kitchen at home! Please add one!

I’m lost

Does this thing use your real money or is it just a game I’m not sure.....

Best design app/game!!! -UPDATE

Absolutely love this app. Great stress reliever. I have wrote countless reviews and everything I have voiced has been taken into consideration. These people are so nice and welcoming. Best game and should be the app of the year!!

Worst app ever

I am someone who is very interested in interior design and when I saw an add for this app it looked fantastic once I downloaded the app however it was nothing at all like the add the creators of this app seamed to have just taken the photos for online furniture and place it in the app sometimes using photos with other rooms in place. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!


By far the BEST app I have ever come across. I am in LOVE with interior design. Using this app is beyond fulfilling.

Beware! It’s addicting

This is by far my favorite app! I look forward to my nighttime room decorating. It gives me a chance to see what’s out there while shopping for stuff. It’s awesome. It’s also great for getting inspiration and ideas for decorating your own home. My only hope is that they can get more stores on there like overstock & Amazon.

Not the best

To be honest I went into the app seeing the reviews all good saying that the app was great so I downloaded it. When I got it it made no sense at all. Nothing worked and sometimes the furniture was blurry. I tried scanning my wall and measuring it but nothing happened so I started to click around and still nothing worked. Maybe it’s just me but I wouldn’t rate full stars.

This game rocks

This game says so much about your and other people’s personality’s I love it 😍

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