Decor Matters - AR Home Design Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Best Interior Design Tool - Decor Matters!

DecorMatters APP is the easiest tool to use for exploring interior design ideas! Be your own interior designer, create your dream home. Download the app today in App Store:

Augmented Reality (AR) Ruler for furniture placement - Decor Matters

Download DecorMatters App: Augmented Reality Ruler in DecorMatters can help you with space measurement for...

Principles of mobile app design: Delight users and drive conversions - Google I/O 2016

The barriers to users finding and engaging with a specific app are significant. While efforts are always being put into mechanisms to increase app discovery, it's critical for app developers...

Create your dream house with DecorMatters app

You can view any furniture in your room before you buy, design your home with your family, and easy navigation to local store to see your favorite furniture~

Decor Delux ipad app

KARE Room Designer: APP beams 3D furniture into your home

Try before you buy! Sometimes it is hard to imagine what a piece of furniture would look like in your own home. This is why we created the KARE Roomdesigner App – a fascinating adventure...

Place IKEA furniture in your home with augmented reality

The 2014 IKEA catalogue gives you the ability to place virtual furniture in your own home with the help of augmented reality. Unlock the feature by scanning selected pages in the 2014 printed...

Funama - mobile app for decorating your furniture

This is an app we are developing for IPhone and Android, Istead of hiring architect's and givin away lot of money for traveling from store to store, Funama is quick and money saving app for...

How to design a comfortable living room space with DecorMatters App

Not an interior designer? It doesn't matter! You can still create your dream house with DecorMatters App. It's an easy and handy tool for you to try different ideas and share them with your...

Best Home Interior Design Apps For Ipad 2

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